Fiery Syrian pastor Nihad lives in the acts of the apostles

Pastor Nihad with his parishioners of the Kurdish Congregation is helping refugees coming to Lebanon. He was also helping people in need after the Beirut explosion. In the midst of chaos, he and some of his parishioners were exposed to the coronavirus.

In Lebanon, Pastor Nihad Hasan, who leads the Kurdish congregation, helps the people around him with his parishioners in many ways. This is how they spread the love of Christ around them.

At the same time, God is doing His work in the hearts of many Sunni, Alavite, and Shiite Muslims, as well as Druze and Yesidians. Many of them have become followers of Jesus over the past decade.

This is one of the unexpected side effects of the decade-long war in Syria.

The story of the pastor

Pastor Nihad was born and raised as a Muslim. He is married and has one child. Fourteen years ago, he moved to Lebanon.

There, Nihad began to question his faith. Jesus ’words “Let every one of you who is sinless cast the first stone ”marked a turning point in his life. Later, friends asked him to join the church.

When Nihad began to follow Jesus, his life was completely revolutionized. It is like a modern version of the Acts of the Apostles. While trying to escape to Cyprus, he ran into trouble on a boat trip. He was arrested, returned to his homeland and arrested again.

In prison, people were healed through Nihad’s prayer, and when the prison manager liked Nihad, he was given responsibility for food distribution.

God placed the Arab world into his heart

Nihad saw in a vision Jesus who showed him his life mission: to bring the situation of his own Kurdish people to the attention of the world and to serve people all over the Arab world.

Nihad and other pastors with a Muslim background suffer from how other congregations react to congregational leaders from non-Christian backgrounds.

“We are not invited to leaders’ meetings and conferences.” The man’s face shows pain. He is saddened by the fact that he is not trusted and is not taken seriously because of his Muslim background.

God does His work in the hearts of Muslims, Druze and Yesidians.

“We are being persecuted for our background, and unfortunately some congregations who do not take the Kurdish church seriously do so.”

The Kurdish church is very active and outgoing and helps people in need. The relief work of Pastor Nihad and his congregation after the Beirut explosion resulted in them being exposed to the coronavirus. Six parishioners were hospitalized, and Pastor Nihad needed supplemental oxygen at home. All the members of the church were healed, praise the Lord!

Pastor Nihad and his Kurdish congregation are active and outward-looking. They take the message of Christ’s love among the refugees.

Sharing the gospel in the media

Nihad dreamed of a Christian Kurdish television channel, “so that we can reach every Kurdish home in Syria, Iraq and Turkey”. The experiences so far give hope for the dream to come true. “For many years we didn’t have a church building. We continued to work, and then we got to rent a building. God, who has begun His good work in us, must also complete it. ”

The Kurdish Church is also influential through Facebook.

“We started a little, but after the battles of Afrin, we started adding more posts and people started following us. At that time, there were already 9,000 followers. Even in southern Lebanon, where there is no church, people follow us, pray and sing with us. We could not wait for the Lord to use us in this way, and we thank Him for opening this door. ”

Through Facebook, even those Kurds who do not have a congregation can get together with other believers.

Pastor Nihad also dreamed of missionaries among the Kurds.

“They need to be Kurdish so they don’t have to learn the language or the Kurdish culture and customs.” He sees a lot of potential missioners in his church.

“They want to leave the country. If only we could secure the future of them and their children, we could send them out to serve. ”