Five members of local churches were killed in Mariupol, two were taken prisoner

On March 9, in Mariupol, the Russian military captured two brothers – Mikhail Reznikov, the pastor of the local church and brother Andrey Fomenko. The latter is raising ten foster children, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with a link to  Evangelical Christian Baptists of Ukraine Facebook page.

In the church building were more than 250 residents of the city, whose housing was destroyed by Russian shelling. Due to the fact that food supplies are running out, those who were left suggested that the ministers could go and take food from their house and pastor Mikhail Reznikov, together with Andrei Fomenko, left to get food for the church.

On the way, the men stumbled upon the Russian military and were captured. The complexity of the situation is that pastor Mikhail Reznikov will not be able to survive without systemic medical support.

On the morning of March 10, it was known that Mikhail Ivanovich was in a hospital in the occupied territory. And brother Andrei Fomenko is being held in the enemies basement.

The page also reports that among the many victims of the bombing by Russian troops in Mariupol,  are five brothers from the churches of Mariupol: Sergey Savelyev, Roma Savelyev, Nikolai Semykin and two more.

This was reported by the brother, who was at the scene of the explosion. The men went to remove the ruins. One of the victims was thrown out of the car, the other four were burned to death in the car. A big request to pray that God would comfort their families.

Please pray that God will comfort their families. We pray for the pastors and all the ministers left there.

Source: В Мариуполе погибли пять членов местных церквей, двое были взяты в плен | Новости inVictory