Five years after the Surabaya bombings: Wenny’s family is still reeling from the loss

Losing loved ones can mean not only grief for persecuted Christians, but also a crisis of faith.

The terrorist attacks in Surabaya in May 2018 left a deep mark on families and communities in the region. Wenny Angelina Hudojo lost her children Nathan (11) and Evan (8) in the attacks and, like many others, is still suffering from the effects of the attacks.

The bombings took place almost simultaneously in the eastern part of the Indonesian island of Java. Suicide bombers attacked three local churches, killing 13 and injuring over 40 people.

“I was surprised when the local partner of Open Doors called and wanted to meet. We met last year and I’m very happy that you still care about me,” says Wenny.

She wanted to tell her story and bring attention to the consequences of terrorism, but she had to consider the well-being of her loved ones. She gave us a warm welcome but insisted that we not meet at her home.

“I don’t want my husband or mother-in-law to know that I met you and discussed the tragedy that happened to us.”

When longing is greatest

Five years have passed since the tragedy and Wenny’s family, especially her husband, is still reeling from the loss of their beloved sons.

“My husband is having a hard time forgiving himself for not being able to take our children to church that morning. After the death of our sons, he lost his will to live and his purpose in life.”

Wenny misses her children and it would be unfair to say otherwise. She especially misses her children on holidays and other special days.

“Every holiday, like Christmas, Easter and Chinese New Year, I am very lonely. And every year on May 18, my sadness is palpable. Even though it’s been five years, I still miss my children.”

Wenny’s battle did not end with the loss of her children. She feels that her challenges have only become more difficult, especially when it comes to family relationships.

“I may seem happy, but in reality I am fighting. I thought losing my children was hard, but in reality, my current struggle is even harder. But I keep praying and I trust in God.

Shared experiences

Currently, Wenny spends most of her time taking care of her family, including her husband, mother-in-law, and a relative who lives with them.

“Despite everything, I hope I can help others who have gone through similar trials.”

“Some time ago, I was contacted by one of my friends who also lost her child. It’s a relief to be able to share things with people who have experienced similar things. I pray that the goodness that God has shown me can encourage others.”

Please continue to pray for Wenny and her family during this time of grief.

Source: Viisi vuotta Surabayan pommituksista: Wennyn perhe toipuu yhä menetyksistään | Open Doors Finland


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