Former Ombudsman of Russia Pavel Astakhov was outraged by the number of evangelical prayer houses in Donbass

In the live TV program of Vladimir Solovyov, Pavel Astakhov was outraged that he saw 3 evangelical houses of prayer in Donetsk – “evangelicals, who are basically banned in our country,” Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with a link to the telegram channel Christians against war!

It is difficult to understand who the lawyer and writer called an organization banned in Russia, but the Russian Christian Evangelical Union is not deprived of its registration rights in Russia, and at least 20 churches of Evangelical Christians can be found in Moscow alone. The situation is similar with the Baptists: the Russian Christian Baptist Union is represented only in Moscow by at least a dozen churches.

On March 29, Russian troops destroyed and burned down the House of Prayer of the Bethany Church in Mariupol. The destruction of the place of prayer was reported on Facebook by pastor Andreas Patz.

Source: Экс-обмудсмен России Павел Астахов возмутился числом евангелистских домов молитвы на Донбассе | Новости inVictory