Former satanist: I’m Shocked That Christians Celebrate Halloween

Anton LaVey, founder of the church of satan, said: “I am glad that Christian parents allowed their children to worship the devil at least one night a year. Welcome to Halloween. ”

We are so easy-going to throw ourselves in and honor the devil in so many ways. We see no harm in Halloween because we think it’s fun. We paint faces, put on innocent costumes, decorate doorways – even churches decorate their front doors with pumpkins for Halloween. This can be compared to giving the devil a license, saying: “Here is my church, take it.”

We think that if we do not perform any demonic rituals or human sacrifice, then we are safe, but did you know that once you dress up, whether you paint yourself or put on a costume, the enemy takes control of you? Because by doing so, you have transferred your legal rights and you have dedicated yourself and your children to celebrating the feast of the devil. You have just made a pact with an adversary and you have already sacrificed your children spiritually by dressing them and changing their identity.

Loss of our identity

My mind goes back to the night of October 31, 1987, when I had the most diabolical wedding on the planet. We decided to get married on Halloween, performing a demonic ritual that lasted all night, and the wedding bells were heard all the way to hell.

Since we were satanists and Halloween was a special holiday for us, we looked forward to it because we knew the consequences and dark power of this night. It is very different from any other night in the world of witchcraft. It would be like asking believers today, “How important are Good Friday and the Resurrection of Christ to you?” Halloween carries the same weight and importance to those on the dark side.

I remember the days leading up to Halloween, we devil worshipers received directions from the demonic world on what to do, and we knew it was going to be a long night. I slept all day to relax and be ready by midnight so that I could unleash and release hell into the world in the first hours after midnight.

Some churches avoid the word “Halloween” and refer to it as “harvest,” and church members dress up in costumes, handing out candy and catching apples from the water with their mouths. It saddens my heart. If you turn your back on this “holiday”, you will not miss anything, so let’s stop thinking about it and get it out of our heads.

If we were to use certain secular holidays for evangelical purposes to win souls, here’s what I would do as a minister: I would prepare a Bible movie night with popcorn and soft drinks for children and adults, and invite my unsaved friends and their families. My intention for this event would be to expose the origins and dangers of Halloween and then continue with a little teaching from God’s Word about God’s love for man and the perfect work of the cross in our lives. Finally, I would call for repentance and make this evening or this night special so that everyone will remember it.

The only harvest we should celebrate is the harvest of saved souls.

For many who celebrate Halloween, this celebration is pushed back to November 1, a day also known as the Day of the Dead or All Saints Day, but nothing is sacred here – just demonic.

I am amazed at how the world welcomes this holiday, because in fact its name “All Saints Day” is deceptive. A picture appears in our minds that this is something sacred, but it is not at all something innocent. This holiday is celebrated throughout South and Central America and in remote corners of the world, and even in the United States. In Spanish culture, it is called Día de Muertos, and the Spaniards honor the dead through rituals and ceremonies, as well as visits to cemeteries. There is nothing sacred about this holiday, and it has nothing to do with saints at all.

How can we resist this darkness as ministers of the Good News of Jesus?

In the Bible, when the Lord calls believers “saints,” the term means that we have been sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ and the final and perfect work of the cross. We are created for good works to glorify God.

As a minister, I would use All Saints Day to turn the situation against the devil, celebrating my salvation and the salvation of my family and loved ones. I would use it as an opportunity to evangelize in the church to bring unsaved people to hear testimonies of God’s goodness and how He can change their lives. And that night, I would undermine the authority and prestige of the devil in Jesus name, because many souls would receive salvation.

By John Ramirez /