Four men created a woman

Persian parable.

Four royal guards were guarding at night. The first to guard was the carpenter. He began to think: “The night is long, what to do?” He found a piece of wood and made a graceful figure of a woman out of it. He was soon replaced by a tailor. He saw a figure of a woman, made by a carpenter, and decided: “I’ll sew some clothes for her.” The tailor made beautiful clothes and dressed up the woman. The third to stand guard was the goldsmith. He made various ornaments and put them on the woman. It was Said’s turn to go on guard. He prayed to God that He would give the woman life, and she came to life.

Morning came, and four guards began to argue over who this woman belongs to. They came to the king and asked to judge them.

The king thought and answered:

It does not belong to Said, for everyone who gets sick invites said to pray for him. If this woman is given to Said, he will begin to demand that everyone who is healed as a result of his prayer belongs to him. The carpenter and goldsmith showed their skills. But the tailor gave the woman clothes, and now she belongs to him. For it is the groom who gives his bride clothes.