Franklin Graham: The Swedish company’s “vaccine passport” chip is not a “mark of the beast”

Evangelist Franklin Graham spoke about why he does not believe that the chip-implant “vaccine passport” of the Swedish company is the “mark of the beast” described in the Bible.

The 69-year-old son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, posted a statement on Facebook in which he commented on the recent news that rice grain-sized microchips have been implanted in many Swedes, which store data on vaccinations against COVID-19, according to the Christian Megaportal inVictory with reference at The Christian Post.

“The Bible tells us that at the end of time there will be one world system,” wrote the head of the Billy Graham Association. “Right now, a Swedish company has developed a “vaccine passport” chip that is implanted under the skin and allows you to visit restaurants, businesses and fly on airplanes. Personally, I don’t think this particular chip is the mark the Bible is talking about, but it makes you wonder how close we can be to those times. “

As Graham noted, he is not against vaccination and believes that it is important and helps to save lives. But he believes that political leaders have used the pandemic as an excuse to tighten control, as many world leaders still use COVID to shut down their countries.

“If a scanned chip under the skin could contain information about a vaccine, the addition of other personal information and financial data is just around the corner. It may be scary, but people who believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, need not be afraid. We don’t have to live in fear. Make sure your name is written in the Book of Life. “

The microchip, created by tech firm Dsruptive Subdermals, can store various data about a person, accessible through smartphones and other devices.

“The chip implant costs 100 euros. If you want to buy a more advanced version, for example, for tracking health indicators, it will probably cost twice as much. But a chip implant lasts 20-40 years, ”said Hannes Sjoblad, Managing Director of DSruptive Subdermals.

This is not the first time some have speculated about whether microchip implants could be associated with the mark of the beast. Similar speculations were made in 2017 after the Wisconsin company allowed its employees to implant microchips.

“Many world leaders, from Mikhail Gorbachev to Ronald Reagan, have been falsely accused of being the Antichrist,” wrote Jerry Newcomb of the D. James Kennedy Ministries. “The fear of microchips has been fueled by prophetic speculation for years, but many Bible scholars point out that the Book of Revelation does not point to some randomly adopted technology, but symbolically speaks of those who tie their fate to the opponents of Christ for the sake of public approval.”

Source: Франклин Грэм: Чип-имплантат «паспорт вакцины» шведской компании — это не «знак зверя» | Новости inVictory