Glass of milk

Orphaned teenager Howard Kelly was very poor.

For bread and education, he carried various small items into others peoples homes.
One day he didn’t have a penny in his pocket.

Tortured by hunger, he decided to go to the nearest house and ask for food. He was terribly embarrassed, but as he approached the house, he was determined: either they refuse or not, but come what may.

He reached out his watch decisively and pressed the button several times. However, when the door was opened by a young and very beautiful girl, Howard was suddenly confused. There was no trace of recent self-confidence left. He was just ashamed to ask her for food. And then he said, anxiously, “Can I… ask you…for a glass of water?”

The girl realized that the young man was hungry and brought him a large glass of milk.

Howard drank it slowly and asked, “How much do I owe you?”

“You don’t owe me anything,” the girl replied. “My mother taught me not to ask anything for a good thing.”

“In that case, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” He replied.

When Howard Kelly left home, he felt not only physically but also morally well. Now he was sure: as long as there are so generous and kind people in the world, all is well!

Many years passed ..

And then one day a young woman, a resident of this city, became seriously ill. The local doctors did not know what to do. Eventually, they decided to send the woman to an experienced specialist in a large city.

Dr Howard Kelly was also invited to the consultation.

When he heard the name of the city where the woman came from, his face glew. He immediately got up and went to the woman’s ward. The tired woman was asleep. The doctor quietly entered the room and recognized her immediately. Yes, it was her – the same girl who had once treated her with a glass of milk. After examining the medical history and test results, the doctor’s face turned gloomy: “This woman is doomed!”

The doctor returned to his office and sat in silence for a while, thinking about something.

He thought of this woman, of his powerlessness to help her, and of how unjust life was. But the more he thought, the sadder his gaze became. Finally, he jumped up from his chair and said, “No, I will do everything possible and impossible to save her!”

From that day on, Dr. Howard Kelly paid special attention to the sick patient. And after nearly eight months of long and tenacious struggles, Dr. Kelly won the terrible disease. The young woman’s life was no longer in danger. Dr. Kelly asked the hospital’s accounts to prepare a bill for the woman’s treatment. When the bill was brought to her, the amount the woman had to pay for her treatment was enormous. And this is not surprising – it can be said that she was brought back from another world. Dr. Kelly looked at the bill, took a pen, wrote something at the end of the bill, and asked to take the bill to the woman’s ward.

After receiving the bill, the woman was afraid to open it. She was sure she had to work tirelessly for the rest of her life to pay for it. Finally, she summoned up the courage and opened the bill. She was the first to notice a handwritten letter directly below the line “Pay”. It read: “Paid in full with a glass of milk. Dr. Howard Kelly ”. There were tears of joy in her eyes, and her heart was full of warmth and gratitude.

This is not a parable or a fictional story.

Dr. Kelly (Howard Kelly, 1858 – 1943) is not a fictional person, but a famous therapist, one of the founders of the first Johns Hopkins University of Medical Research in the United States.

The story of the doctor and the glass of milk handed to him is reliable and also confirmed by his biographer.