God healed me

I want to glorify the Lord for His great and wonderful deeds!

Last Saturday, in 06.06, we had the Lord’s Supper in our church, and after that the prayer for healing.

I went infront of the church to receive prayer, as I had been suffering from exacerbation of asthma for a month and a half.

I had a cough, it was difficult to speak, breathe, there was a heaviness in my chest and constant pressure in the throat.

God touched me powerfully during prayer, I could hardly stand onmy feet under His power.

The next morning I woke up and realized that my lungs were healed.

The first thought that came to my head was freedom, I can breathe freely, there is no pressure in the chest and in the larynx, there waas no cough, the breath is full and deep!

What a blessing to breathe deeply without barriers !!!

Glory to God Almighty, glory to Him and praise for His love and mercy for His people !!!

Oksana L.