God Will Never Forget Any Of Your Good Deeds

We yearn each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. Hebrews 6:11 (Estonian Bible)

The head of the Church wrote: „I crave. I so much desire that the Saints would have only one goal that they would think alike: „Gospel, Gospel, Gospel but as long as they think: Gospel- home, home – Gospel“, „Me, me – God – me – me – me – God“, then that’s not a clear goal and God wont bless a person that doubts.

We yearn each of you to show… He. 6:11

Not only the person who has the gift to make business. Each of you means in spite of level of education, whether you are honorable or not, old or young. He says that each of you would show the same diligence that you showed in the 10th verse.

You did good deeds and shared your love when you helped His people and continue to help.  That’s the true service of God but look what thoughts we have had in our mind and how we have lived.

I am not saying that we have thought bad thoughts but not the thoughts that have been clearly specified. That’s why it is not very bad in your lives, it’s okay isn’t it, but it is still lack of something.

In the Old Testament prophet Haggai wrote that you have a purse with holes in it because you run after your own houses.  Something must change in our lives so that God would bless us more mightily.

Here the obstacle is not God as if He doesn’t want to. No! He is always ready. He only waits for you to receive this goal and to really serve them.  Not because I have a brother or sister here who doesn’t have a coat or shoes… That’s normal – they don’t talk about that here. You have to do that too, that’s also important to give someone a piece of bread etc. But that doesn’t spread the Gospel. You were saved because the Gospel was preached and that’s very important for God.

Pastor Paul Armand