Grab the lifeline

Imagine you are sitting in a small boat and your boat is approaching the Niagara Falls. The river flows quietly. There is a strong pair of oars in front of your feet. If you want, you can just start to row against this ever-increasing current and row to the shore. But you sit quietly in the boat and drift, faster and faster downstream.

Now you’re close to the waterfall. People from the shore notice your boat. They run around in fear and panic, not knowing what to do or how to help. But you have no worries or fears. Someone on the shore throws you a lifeline and shouts, “Grab the lifeline! Hurry up! Well, what are you waiting for!” Strong hands are ready to pull you ashore, if you just want to …

What should you do to escape? Nothing else but grab the lifeline. If you don’t grab it, the current will take you into an abyss. into terrible streams!
Those on the shore will not leave you alone. “Grab it! Why do you want to die!”
Believe me, dear friend! The stream of sin is as strong as the stream of Niagara Falls. It will lead you to destruction if you do not grab the lifeline.

God stands on the shore of eternity and cries out: “Grasp the rope of My love.” To despise it is to perish.
Starting the journey to heaven from the grave … is a very dangerous undertaking. Repentance on the deathbed is the burning of a candle of life to satan while God receives the mere smoke.