Haste is the main enemy of youth. The Role of the Anointing in Ministry and Calling…

Anointing is a supernatural ability given to a person from God, associated with your calling. God gives a supernatural ability for man to serve. When the Lord calls a person into something, then He at the same time, gives him His strength, wisdom, ability … this is God’s anointing for me.

My anointing may be different from the anointing of another person, but the Bible says that God gives the anointing to everyone, it is just that in one person it is less noticeable, while for another it is obvious.

One of the key words in the Bible for me is when Jesus says He gives water to thirsty people. God has a lot for me, but I can long for it or be indifferent. Many things can be done with the help of God’s power, but if you are indifferent, your potential will not unfold. It doesn’t depend on the Lord, it depends on my choice. You can go to church every Sunday, sleep, play with your phone or send SMS without receiving anything, or you can ask God to change your life, this request will become a turning point in your life.

How to understand where you are anointed?

To find your place, you have to be flexible and available to God. Serving in the church, we help it grow, it is at this time that you can find your place, feel inside yourself “here, I am needed here”. We must be flexible, ready to do everything for the Lord, not only what we get, or what we like, or what is close to our hearts. Ministers are flexibile and flexibility is the key to finding your place in God. In your place in God, you will feel joy, you will feel strength, you will feel boldness, passion from the Lord, God will develop you, and you will discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the anointing given by God.

False Grace in Ministry …

False grace is a delusion of people who believe that because of grace you do not need to repent, confess your sins, because it is enough to confess once that Jesus forgave us. The Bible makes it clear that we are saved only by grace, but still sin is our enemy that can destroy our life, family and church. When you fall into sin, it is not enough just to confess that Jesus forgave us, you need to confess your mistakes before God, and sometimes before people, in order to resist this with God’s power and grace and change. Sanctification is a process where day by day, step by step, God works with you to make you more like Jesus.
A person is saved by grace, not through works. You can stumble on the way, but without letting sin take over you, you need to confess sin, not hiding your weaknesses and guilt. God will give strength to change and grow in holiness.

Long-term ministry: how to overcome the moment of despair and reach the end …

DO NOT be naive – this is my advice. Jesus warns us of the danger, we have to fight to get to the end. My advice: have good, awake friends, people to whom you can confess, to whom you open your heart. Nobody lives only on the top of the mountain, we all have our valleys, disappointments, there must be someone nearby who can cheer you up. This is a brotherly attitude, friendship and closeness. Basically, people who fell into sin are those who did not have such friends. Each of us has our own weaknesses, we are all fragile, so we all need fellowship and friendship, encouragement and support from people around us.

Council for the Youth … What is the biggest obstacle for young people today to get closer to God?

In the youth world everything is fast, everyone is in a hurry, everywhere there is music, noise …

To get closer to God, you need peace and time.

Jesus taught: “Go to your room, close the door and talk to God there” (Matthew 6: 6), you cannot approach the Father, devoting 5-30 seconds to Him, you must have a time of solitude, where only you and the Lord are.

To have a strong relationship with God, you need to take your time, close your door to this world, open the Bible, read, write down the revelations of the Father, and speak with God.

Rush is the main enemy of youth. God wants to communicate with us, He wants to reveal to us His character, His will, if we give Him the opportunity to do this.

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