Healing is the bread for the children

Sermon is motivated by the recent so called sudden deaths of many known and unknown Christians. Because they did not go to doctor or did not take the medicin prescribed to them by doctors because „their faith“ did not allow them to do it. It is a great loss for the body of Christ. On the other hand they spread the wrong belief and contaminated others.

Today I am not talking about healings or gift of healing because this is obvious. I am talking about faith and order.

Brother Bodo´s death in Berlin: he was told that if you believe then you do not need medication or go to doctor at all. God knows and helps by the stripes of Jesus you are healed. When I shared these stories with one pastor in Poland then he showed a family who had come to his church because in the previous church the taking of medicine was inacceptable. Two women from Düsseldorf babtist church claimed the same thing. One of them was heavily overweight and she had a developing diabetes, other had high blood pressure.

My firm conviction is that clergy who are advocating this kind of faith and affirm it are criminals. These people who publish-amplify it are their accomplices.

A call for action

Listen to me, you clergymen who wear glasses, you who preach this faith and encourage people not to take their pills. There are many clergymen who encourage people saying that this is their faith. With this you help people commit suicide! Take off your glasses and throw them into a carbage can. By His stripes you are healed. Glasses are the same as pills in this concept of faith.

I would like to hear next week about how your previous week was „a life of victory“!

I think that a pill is a blessing – one little pill against a high blood pressure can add tens of years to your lifespan.

Supernatural healing is a part of the inheritance which Jesus gave us. (The most important part is peace with God – new birth and eternal life) For example to receive the earthly inheritance you have to fulfill special terms and wait a little bit until the kingdom fulfills its part.

The same is with a heavenly inheritance. You must fulfill the laws of the kingdom of heaven.

If you are not healed then it means that you have not received the inheritance yet which was given to you automatically when the legstor died. It is possible also that you are in waiting time which is appointed for receiving the inheritance.

If the medicine given the doctor does not work you need to return to the doctor. Do the analysis if needed, new x-ray etc.. The same is with God (act according to the guidance given by the Spirit!)

It is a crime that you proclaim that by the stripes of Jesus you are healed and do not take pills! Terrible is also that if you do not take pills because of your „faith“ because you think that your faith is not faith if you take pills.
Take pills and let God know that you continually believe in His promises and wait for Him!

If you go to the doctor and you are diagnosed with a cancer but you deny it then you die quickly. But if you start to act according to the tips given by doctors then you have a chance to be healed!

Do not be stupid! How do you know that you have fath to win? Take the medication and check your faith!

So in the bigger picture we can not believe in the promises of God? You must! Of course proclaim that you believe in His promises etc… But if you have no confirmation from the doctor that you are healed then take medication! Do not tell anyone that you do not take medicine because of your faith if you are not healthy. You are lying. Jesus ordered the healed leprous men to show themselves to priests.

I observed once how bees tried to dust off artificialflowers. By the end of the day the bee was dead. But now imagine the balconies of a 9 floor building (during drought) where every balcony is full of artificial flowers. By the evening the bee is dead. That is satans deceit. That is a false faith. And the same happens with cheated people who refuse to take pills. That is an awful lie and deciet from satan!

You proclaim on every corner that by the stripes of Yeshua you are healed which really is not a faith if you are not healed. It is like Andromeeda louboutin, it is mirage, charlatanry! And keep your faith for God!
Rm 14:22

As long as theorem does not have a proof it is not in the study program!

Is it too radical? Better this way then some blurry understanding of the Bible.

Why so many (pharisees, saducees, scribes and other unbelievers) were not healed during His sermon. Why? Because they did not have a real fellowship with God, that He is, He is good, He loves etc but if you do not believe in healing then you die sick. Unbelief means lack of fellowship with God. Unbelief comes from a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge is sin.

Why? If you do not know God then you can not believe in Him and harvest the fruits of it.

One translation of Isa 40: wait on God – wait – qavah means a rope that has been made out of many cords and the author claim that this is fellowship with God.

I know biblical scriptures on healing. Yes but you must have faith – revelation from the Spirit. The letter kills but the Spirit makes it alive.

Exactly supernatural healing belongs to you based on the Bible. Yes, Gods promises belong to me and also that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed! But for some reason you do nto know how or are not able to receive healing. It is a part of the inheritance that belongs to you which Jesus gave you. Find out if nothing stops your godly healing! Find it out! We have to name things with their names. The way they are, because in Gods sight wrong scales are detestable. If you call wrong right and right wrong then soon you will have to solve the unsolvable.

Seek God this way. If you find out then blessing has hit you. God is not holding anything back! Today is the day of salvation!

Praise His holy name!
God loves you stay on His waves!

Pastor Paul Armand

If you want to know more about heavenly healing then write to us and we will pray for you and give you a Biblical advice