Healthy teeth fund

We have taken upon ourselves a mission to collect money for the people who do not have money to pay for their dental care! We are the voice all around the world to find people who say that their money is a blessing from God and they want to do good deeds to help those in need! We follow a principle to gather from the world threads and make a shirt for the poor man!

God loves generous and happy givers! We are waiting for generous gifts!

Pastor Paul Armand

We help only Christians!

We wish to help people whose financial state doesnt enable them to use the paid services of dental care.

In the lists there will be people who have gone through the control and we are convinced of their financial state and that they need help.

Also you can get a treatment plan and the cost.

In need of help!

Send your rewuest for needing help with the treatment plan and all the contacts. Name, age, emailaddress, phone number etc.

Also add the name of your Churchm the name of your pastor, and the contacts of the Church.

You must give the treatment plan that you have received from the doctor together with the cost and if you receive a positive answer to your request then also a bill.

Our workers will get in touch with you.


Contact: Abigail Korgesaar

If you want to donate:

SEB Pank

Beneficiary: Abigail Kõrgesaar
IBAN: EE591010011726101220
Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn
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