Home in Nazareth: Archaeologist believes that this is where Jesus grew up

There are very good reasons to believe that the childhood of Jesus Christ passed in the house of the 1st century, the ruins of which were excavated in Nazareth.

This is the opinion of Ken Dark, a professor of archeology at the University of Reading, reports the Christian Megaportal invictory.com with reference to bbc.com.

The assumption arose back in the 1880s, when the remains of a house were discovered under a monastery that emerged later. In the 1930s, scientists rejected it, the excavation site was abandoned, but in 2006 Professor Dark went back to Nazareth.

“I didn’t set myself the task of finding the home of Jesus, I was studying the history of the city as a center of Christian pilgrimage in the Byzantine era,” he says. “But I was in for an incredible surprise.”

Above the ruins of the house lie the remains of a Byzantine church, on the site of which, in turn, the convent of the Sisters of Nazareth was later built.

“From written Byzantine sources it is known that on the site of the house of Mary and Joseph, the Church of Feeding was built, dedicated to the upbringing of the baby Jesus, and the remains of the house were preserved in its crypt. It has not survived to this day, but at one time it was a place of mass worship, as described in the descriptions of the 7th century pilgrimages. This is almost certainly the same church, ”says Professor Dark.

His analysis showed that the house dates back to the 1st century and that it was skillfully carved into the side of a rocky hill. The one who built it had to be an excellent specialist in stone building, in ancient Greek tecton, which, according to the Bible, was Joseph.

It is hardly ever possible to prove 100% that Jesus’ parents belonged to the house, but the totality of the facts makes it possible to speak about this with very high certainty, says Professor Dark.

Source: https://www.invictory.org/news/science/26118-dom-v-nazarete-arheolog-schitaet-chto-imenno-v-nem-ros-iisus