Hope in the midst of tragedy in Uganda – a powerful testimony to Amina’s life

Amina was among those killed in a shocking school attack in Uganda this summer. But her death was not in vain.

On July 3, the Ugandan army discovered the body of 16-year-old Amina in the forest on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was probably left there by Islamist Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) soldiers.

She was one of 37 people killed earlier this summer when ADF forces stormed Lubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe, Uganda.

The attack was shocking in its brutality. This is just one example of how our brothers and sisters in sub-Saharan Africa are suffering at the hands of brutal soldiers of religious extremists.

However, Amina’s story does not end with horror and cruelty. It ends in a way that embodies the tenacity and resilience of the African church. It ends with hope.

From shocking violence to freedom

In June, shortly after the attack, Open Doors field workers had the opportunity to visit two families who had lost loved ones to the violence. Amina’s family was one such family.

Most of Amina’s family are Muslim, so some of them were estranged from her. When Amina and her mother gave their lives to Christ last year, they immediately cut off contact with both families, including Amina’s father, a devout Muslim.

The church accepted Amina and her mother and cared for them with the support of Open Doors. However, their lives were plagued by many challenges, including family threats and difficulty meeting basic needs. Amina started going to a nearby school where her mother could afford the tuition.

That’s why Amina was at Lubirich High School the night the attack happened.

While visiting Amina’s family on June 18, Open Doors field workers saw another empty grave, although the family did not yet know where Amina was. They knew the girl had either been kidnapped or was one of the bodies the government was trying to identify through DNA testing.

Then the soldiers finally found her.

The seed of the gospel fell on good soil

After Amina’s body was identified, a second burial was arranged for her in the church she attended. Before burying Amina in a new grave, the pastor preached the good news of Jesus to family members and others present, many of whom were Muslim. Praise the Lord, the seed of the gospel fell on good soil.

“One of the Muslims present said he began to doubt his faith in allah after seeing other Muslims killing innocent students like Amina.” Here’s what one of the Open Doors team members who attended the funeral had to say. This man finally gave his life to Jesus.

We cannot provide further details about this new brother of ours as he has already received death threats. However, his faith is a testament to Amina’s legacy.

“I was told that I could not live on this land and that I should be killed,” he says.

“As a human being, I am afraid, but I trust the leading of Jesus. I believe that even if they kill me, I will go to heaven with Amina.”

However, sometimes God allows us to see His redemptive work in the world. That’s what this case is about.
When things like Amina’s murder happen, we may be tempted to wonder where God was when it all happened. And of course, this side of heaven we will never know why God allows our brothers and sisters to be killed. We only know that He mourns this too and that He walks with us in our grief.

However, sometimes God allows us to see His redemptive work in the world. That’s what this case is about. Amina’s death seems senseless: another casualty in a region where many innocent martyrs have died.

But her death helped to ignite Christian hope in another heart! She did not die in vain, but her testimony for Jesus continued even after her death, and God accepted another sinner as the Father of the prodigal son.

Please keep praying

Please join us in giving thanks for Amina’s life and testimony and continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Uganda as they mourn this horrific attack.

Thank God that He reassured Amina’s mother regarding the whereabouts of her daughter’s body and that the body is now resting in the grave. Naturally, Amina’s mother is still mourning her daughter. Please pray that God will comfort and touch Amina’s mother and Amina’s entire family with His healing hand and give them peace.

Praise God for those members of Amina’s inner circle whose hearts began to turn to Jesus. Pray that the Lord will strengthen them to withstand any coming persecution.

Source: Toivoa tragedian keskellä Ugandassa – Aminan elämän voimakas todistus | Open Doors Finland

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