How dangerous can impure thoughts be?

By Liam Johnsen

How dangerous can a little impure thought be? Is it really that dangerous, you haven’t done anything, and it has nothing to do with other people?

The Bible clearly says 2 Tim. 2:22 So flee youthful passions, but in today’s world, this is taken less and less seriously. Watching porn movies, fantasizing about someone, letting thoughts float around freely and uncontrollably are all becoming more common among Christians as well.

How dangerous can little impure thoughts be? As long as it has nothing to do with anyone, is it really that bad?

Even the smallest impure thought is one of the most destructive forces in the world. You do not know where this thought can lead you. Maybe you know this, but you are sure it won’t happen to you. The truth is, we humans are incredibly weak when it comes to sexual thoughts and temptations. We may think, “It’s not that scary,” or “it won’t lead to anything bad,” but in fact, if you give satan even a finger, he won’t stop until he has all of you.

The way down the slope …

The truth is, if you give Satan even a finger, he won’t stop until he has all of you.

Jesus makes it very clear that uncleanness in thought is just as dangerous as uncleanness in action (Matt. 5:28). God created a sexual relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. It should be a mutual blessing. But to live according to sexual lusts outside of marriage, in thoughts or actions, this is only the satisfaction of your own lusts.

To live for oneself and not for God is a sin. Therefore, God hates it. Maybe you are not interfering with anyone else, but your attitude to this shows your real selfish thoughts. You can never be a blessing and serve God as long as you allow sin to dominate your thoughts and actions.

Of course, no one makes such a cardinal decision abruptly and suddenly about how to fall into sin and start living according to their desires. This happens gradually, step by step. You only allow yourself to cross the border this time. Just go to this one page on the Internet. You admit only one impure thought. And that’s all satan wants: down the hill step by step. Very soon you will find yourself in the world of sin, and you will wonder how you got there, and how to find a way out and get out of it.

There is no joy in impurity

If your happiness depends on your lusts, you can certainly never be happy, because your lusts will never be satisfied. This will lead to more darkness and more heinous sin. You follow your own will, and when you are busy with yourself, then you lose touch with God. When you begin to live according to your desires, you fail on all other fronts.

You feel that you can no longer pray, you feel uncomfortable being around other Christians. You feel judged when you read the Bible.

You walk around with drooping eyes and hope that no one will know about the sin that is inside. You are ashamed to speak with a pastor or youth leader. You are ashamed even to talk to God. Then satan can do whatever he pleases with you. He has received complete control over you.

Things that you didn’t even think about doing before and that were completely unacceptable to you now seem normal, and all this is due to sin. Your conscience is dying. You no longer think that a little pornography and fantasy can harm you. You start to think it’s okay to sink deeper and deeper into sin.

Sin destroys your soul

When you sin in a hidden life, hiding from others, you can never get peace and quiet. It destroys your soul. Sin leads to intense and excruciating anxiety. You feel fear, fear that people will find out about it and shame if they already know about it. You deliberately succumb to this sin, and fail on all fronts. You become sad, upset, bitter, etc.

Everything that you have sown into the flesh you will have to reap, and this harvest will not be pleasant. If you lived in uncleanness in your youth, you cannot immediately  get out of it, although you can receive instant forgiveness of your sins. It will take years to reap the benefits to completely free yourself from it.

Letting your lusts control you will destroy your soul. It destroys your ability to create or maintain a serious and lasting relationship, or your ability to be faithful to your spouse in thought and action. You will have to go through a lot of struggle to clear your thoughts of the mental images that you have acquired so that they will not torture you anymore.

You can become free!

It is only when you consciously do what is sinful that satan has power over you.
However, this should not continue. Yes, you will have to reap the consequences of the sin you have committed, but this is just a good reason to stop sinning. It is only when you knowingly do what is sinful that satan has power over you.

From the moment you decide to start fighting your lusts, Jesus will be on your side and give you strength and help so you can overcome.

You can start fighting right now and become Jesus’ brother. You don’t have to live and be ashamed of secret sins. The moment you start this struggle, you live in the light. And even if you fall again, but regret it, you continue to be in the light and on the path to victory.

It is written: “Flee youthful lusts” (2 Tim. 2:22). Temptations of a sexual nature are satan’s most destructive tools. With them, he destroyed many lives. If you are not radical yourself, he will destroy your life too.

God is ready to give you strength and help from heaven if you decide to be free from this sin.
If you have a burning desire to end sin, then it is not only possible, but guaranteed.

Then God will help you.