How I Gained the Power to Conquer Low Self-Esteem

I was a slave to my low self-esteem, but the gospel of freedom from sin gave me the strength to overcome it.

I hated myself and the way I behaved around other people. Everything inside me turned over when I remembered what I said or did. I wanted to bless others. I wanted to be an example that shows how great it is to be a Christian. But something interfered with me, I was not confident in myself, I thought that I had no abilities. It kept me from saying and doing what God was urging me to do.

Thus, without realizing it myself, I said: “I do not agree with God, who created everything and everyone, including me.” He made me exactly the way I am. Therefore, by saying this, I blamed Him for not doing His job well. When I realized this, I immediately realized that it was, in fact, a sin. It was ingratitude and disbelief that God had a perfect plan for me.

In the Word of God, I read about the fruits of the Spirit: kindness, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance, and I knew that this was what I needed in my life.

An instrument in the hands of God

I prayed to God to help me see myself the way He sees me. With His help, I began to fight within myself, trying to overcome my ingratitude and sin. Of course, God did not take away all these negative thoughts. But when they appeared, He gave me strength to resist them.

I held fast to the faith in 1 Cor. 6:20 “For you were bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your soul, which are God’s.” Each time I was tempted to thin these thoughts of low self-esteem, I said, “No, I’m bought with a price. God saw something of value in me.” Low self-esteem leads to inaction. These thoughts are lies, they do not serve to glorify God in my body and spirit, which belong to Him.

Sin leads to unrest and suffering. I have experienced it myself. But by overcoming sin, I can experience peace and joy in life. This is a universal tool that always helps. Living a victorious life, I am an instrument in the hand of God (Rom. 6:13) and He can use me and mold me in any way He pleases.

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