How I went through hard times – Artur Simonjan.

How did you go through a time when there are more questions than answers?

I still go through such times. I’m a person who can say that I don’t know everything. I once thought that when I go to Heaven, I have many questions to God. But the Holy Spirit said that if you go to Heaven, you will have no questions. When you see the glory of God, you have no questions. You see, my very young faithful Christian daughter went to heaven. She had leukemia. While she was in leukemia, two people were healed from my leukemia after I had prayed for them, but my daughter was not healed. I’m not asking, “Why?” because satan answers me.

The first year after she went to heaven I wanted to take from this experience everything I could to help people. There are a lot of people losing their wives, men and children today. They write to me and I can answer them. After my daughter died, my mother and father died in COVID, but they went to heaven. You know, brothers, if heaven does not exist, we are in trouble, and we have many questions, but if heaven exists then it is a feast. You know when someone would come now and ask me: “Would you like your daughter to come and stand by you, rise from the dead, and live?” I would say: “Yes!” Look, I know that to be in heaven is better for her. There’s Jesus andthere’s no COVID. I also know that it is difficult to be here, she should get married, have children, and so on. Nevertheless, I would make that choice. I mean either I don’t think heaven exists or I’m selfish.

How old was your daughter when she died?


Does going through hard times make it possible to become a blessing to other people?

Notice that there are wounds. Wounds make people bad, envious, but the wounds of Christ healed people. Everyone has wounds. Let me ask you: “Will your wounds turn you into a bad person or will you become a person who heals others?” You know Jesus is a great example to me. The Scriptures says that through His wounds we were healed. It does not say that Jesus was angry at His wounds and began to take revenge. He used His wounds to heal the nations. I decided to be like Jesus and use my wounds for the glory of God.

How did you do that?

When my daughter went to heaven, a few years before, a child of my friend, who was a pastor, died and he gave up his calling as pastor because of it. He was disappointed, but he didn’t go back into the world. When I visited him, he told me: “Easy for you to say. You haven’t gone through what I’m going through. ” He set an example for others, and when other people had hard times they also left the ministry. I told him: “The Lord did not call us to preach our lives, but to preach the gospel. What happens in our lives doesn’t matter. ” He replied: “It’s easy for you to say that.” Years went by and the same thing happened to me. My daughter died, so I decided to be an example so that people would look at me and realize that if you have hard time you must come to God, not to go away from Him. You just have to stay faithful and set an example for others. This decision helped me a lot. Yonggi Cho was also a great help. When my daughter went to heaven, he wrote to me:

“Arthur, can you thank God for everything?”

I was used to thanking God for good food, for a car, and so on. But  for my daughter going to heaven? Still  I was obedient. I went to the street and said: “Lord, I thank You for Heaven! Thank you for eternal life! Thank you that my daughter is with You in eternity! ”

And then something hit me. I think it was a baptism by fire. Something unusual happened to me and it helped me to get through it.

So for you, it was the choice and decision which you made in your heart? To move ahead and serve other people?

You can say I did not give myself a second choice. You see, sometimes we keep our choices, so we can choose between this or that, but if you won´t give yourself another chance then you only have one Way. At that time, I realized what it means to me that Jesus is the only Way. You know, if we rejoice then Jesus is our Way, but can you walk that way while you are mourning?