“Hunt for the content”- Valery Ryabokonenko

We live in “a big data” era. In a world where all our actions are tracked, recorded and analyzed in order to collect as much information about us as possible. And immediately the question is, why and who needs it? In fact, everything is very simple – to improve the creation of the content that we consume, content that grabs our attention, content that makes it easy for them to sell what we could easily do without.

Nowadays, it is believed that how you look is much more important than what you are, more important than your principles and your faith. After all, we desperately want to seem to be who we are not. We want to live as we are shown, and we think that having achieved this, we will be happy and accepted. Nowadays, the picture is much more important than the taste of the product, its usefulness, its essence and meaning.

And in the hunt for the outside apperance, we waste our lives …

And now we come to the essence of this topic, to the content. This age mentally encourages us to participate in this race, because if you do not participate, then you fly out of the big picture. And here we are in this cycle, where everyone is posting something, sharing their thoughts, taking pictures of food, clothes, dog, grass, beach, sky, half-naked selfies, whatever, just to grab someone’s attention, and get this dopt, this “like” or comment and thereby, to receive this temporary social acceptance, which will raise your mood and self-confidence, significance, and meaning. But all this is only for a while, because our thirst for social acceptance will grow from this every day, it has no end. And then, even for a small dose of this, we will begin to overstep our principles, the skirt is getting shorter, the position is more tolerant, and as a result, our light will gradually start to fade away.

And so I sit and write this article and reflect. What is it all for? Where did this shift take place? Why do we so want to be who we are not? Why are we willing to spend everything on this: our time, our focus, our money and our lives?

I think it’s all about who we trust to define our value. If we allow people to define our acceptance, our self-worth, and our identity, then in the end we will be disappointed. After all, if you do not fit their image, then you have the risk of being less attractive, less cool, less popular, and let it be! It is not worth our principles, it can not even be compared to the One on whom our acceptance really depends. Our value can only be determined by the One who created us. After all, when God created you, He made you complete, unique, there is no other like you. And if you do not feel it, then the way out is not to seek acceptance from this world. Because the world gives a false acceptance, the thirst for which will only grow.

Only God can give you real acceptance that will suffice.
God created you, you are valuable to Him (Psalm 139: 13). The way He sees you is different from how the world sees you. You are the crown of His creation. You were created in His image and likeness, and He gave you all the earth for your possession! Read Genesis 1: 26-31. Here is a description of the creation of man and what God has entrusted to him. And since you are also a human being, it is entrusted to you too! Hopefully after that, you will reconsider your participation in this worldly race and won´t waste your life on things that don’t really matter and focus on what’s important.

Author: Valery Ryabokonenko, @valeryviron

one of the leaders of the Steiger Union ministry,
co-author of the No Balance podcast.

Source: https://bog.news/2021/03/okhota-za-kontentom/