I trust in the Lord

I trust in the Lord who saved me,
cleansed my heart with blood!
Forever now You take my life
and renew my heart completely!

Jesus, Jesus, I love You from the bottom of my heart for dying for me!
Jesus, Jesus! Yes, thanks to Jesus from the bottom of my heart!
On the green pastures that are inside His Word.
At the source of life, in the wounds of the Lamb!
he generous Shepherd, feeding and giving water
to your lovely little flock.,

In the narrow road, where the Lord Himself steps before us,
I found friends with a united mind!
A joy incomprehensable
I found with the Savior!

Jesus, make me like You,
A great fighter for Your TRUTH!
Fill my heart with tender love,
So I could set others in fire!

Old Estonian Christian hymn.

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