I’m rich. I’m happy. I am Batman!

Take a new psychological training, in which in just 17-plus-2 sessions you will find complete happiness, the keys to Nirvana, Valhalla or wherever you need to, and also, as a bonus, you will free yourself from all bad habits as a child youth – elderly; you will be free from all fears and painful memories of a past life. You will become truly free person with Capital Letters, first of all from common sense, but otherwise, we will see how it turns out.

And also … your chakras will attract money 24 hours a day exponentially, your self-awareness of your own greatness will rise above the general level of the gray mass of these wretched, unfortunate people, and perfect peace will come to your house … according to Feng Shui.

All you need to do according to our great brainwashing psychological training is to hang all over the apartment papers with the Words of Power and Happiness: “I am rich“, “I am happy“, “I am Batman“, “I am a zombie“, etc. as much as you have fantasy.

And we buy courses. And we hang those notes everywhere. And we repeat. We wake up, open our left eye, and mutter: “I’m rich.” Then we open our right eye and mutter: “I’m happy.” Then we close both of them again, and in complete bliss sigh: “I am Batman” …

Psychology is whipping us from all sides. The books of the popular Carnegie are put under the pillow, placed in a prominent place, scented candles are lit in front of them. We rehearse the american smile until we get face cramps. We repeat mantras of auto-training spell at any time – at work, in transport, in bed and even sitting on a potty.

Smile, because the cosmic positivity needs it. You need to let everyone know that you are happy and successful, especially Successful. So far, however, it is not entirely clear what success consists in, but if you already smile, this must mean success.

Dream and smile. Smile and dream. Take another seminar where you will be taught to smile even wider, on the verge of breaking your mouth, and you will also be told that important additions must be added to the papers that hung everywhere in your apartment with a red pen, which will now certainly activate the cosmoenergies of the success of the Universe, Professor Muldashev discovered them just yesterday and Success will come into your life.

Write, write faster, enough of a gray and boring life, ENOUGH of depriving yourself of happiness: “I’m VERY rich”, “I’m MEGA happy”, “I’m Batman FOREVA” …

So we are tormented, not looking at the root, at the center of the problem – into the soul stricken by sin, but we are engaged in behavior correction. Take the right posture, move your hand correctly and smile positively. Only, sometimes at such moments, slightly glassy eyes give out the truth – “this is all nonsense, that is really a complete nonsense …”. But the main thing here is to coordinate in time, to remember the precepts of our teacher, mentor, leader and just a wonderful guy Lenin Carnegie, to smile and pretend that you are not quite happy, or even more so you are not at all happy, rich and successful.

Do it yourself is the slogan of modern practical humanism. And so it turns out, as in the old Jewish joke: “And what we can get from the goose?” We have a nuclear cocktail of behavioral psychology, occult new age and humanism. Such a good infusion is called “I don’t want to drink it”. Would you like to taste it? Only today, the first lesson is completely free!

Would you like to drink such swamp water?

Here a vivid parallel with the hero of the famous Russian fairy tale, Ivanushka, who was sincerely warned about the consequences of drinking water from a swampy puddle: “Don’t drink, Ivanushka, you will become a goat! ..” He still drank it and look, really – there we had Ivanushka, such a little white lamb of the Lord, and he became – a goat, while he may still be small, but every small goat grow up and become, forgive the expression, an ordinary goat.

By the way, this is not rudeness, but the context from the New Testament – there are no other options before God … either you are a sheep or a goat. All sorts of batmen in this division are somehow not provided. All who are not sheep – are you know who, and it doesn’t matter who they think they are.

In general, such is the case, my dear friend. If you haven’t had time to take in too much slop yet, then send all these humanistic psychoanalysis with behavioral psychologies to hell. Throw it away. And be yourself.

If you are joyful – rejoice. If you are sad be sad. If you understand that you cannot pull yourself out of the swamp by the hair in this life, like Baron Munchausen, then confess honestly to God, in plain text: “I cannot, Lord God … I am weak and powerless. I need You, the Almighty … Give me faith in You, not in myself. “

Then He will answer. Then there will be a new completely different life. And joy from the bottom of your heart. And happiness is real, not according to Carnegie.

Source: https://ieshua.org/ya-bogatyj-ya-schastlivyj-ya-betmen.htm