In a deep distress

Pray! Pray for things to go! Pray for things to come!

You better not tell about it to people. Pray! Don’t complain to them. Pray! Don’t ask them to comfort you. Pray! Don’t blame them either. Pray! Don’t grumble. Pray! Don’t ask: What for? Pray! Do not give orders to God. Pray! Don’t drive Him away from you. Pray! Your help cannot come from anywhere else or from anybody else in the world. Pray! (Psalm 50:15)

Don’t think your trouble is the biggest. Many people are probably going throu a lot more difficult times than you. Don’t forget that. Pray for them. Take their trouble into your heart. Try to help and comfort any of them. It will also give you a revitalizing refreshment when you are distressed.

Don’t you understand the ordeal? If God loves you, He cannot leave you without suffering. It is the pledge of His love. It is healing, a gift from Him, it is God’s blessing, God’s good work. This is often an answer to prayer. It is a medicine for your soul. This is your honor and your crown.

Don’t you understand the suffering? It will wean you from sin. It disciplines you to be near Jesus. It will make yougrow in grace. It keeps you in the faith. This is the teacher sent to you. It is a teacher of word, prayer, crying for help, guarding, worship, repentance, and faith, humility, and patience. It is a demanding and inflexible teacher. But it produces an inevitable blessing. This is a true faithful friend God has given you. Praise Him for that. You needed it. Otherwise God would not have sent it to you.

Are you striving to become a repentant person? You want to be pure? You want to heal? You want to overcome yourself? You want to grow? You want to become a person like Jesus? You want to be protected? You want to go to heaven, don’t you?

Without a trial, you will not achieve any of them. Without suffering, there will be no spiritually high-born people, no people like Jesus, or fathers in Christ on earth. Without suffering there is no glory.

Suffering – where does it come from? From heaven. From God’s counselling room. From the heart of God. This is the angel of God who is to bring you a blessing. At the same time, it is a confirmation that God values ​​your soul immensely. Hebrews 12: 5-8

Suffering – where does it lead? To heaven. Suffering is a heavenly train wagon sent to your door. Step in there. Hold on to the end. The road is hard and dim. But the final destination is sweet and bright.

Therefore – suffer. Pray, abide in the Word, be silent, suffer, humble, endure, obey, wait, believe, praise. Look up to the Lord continually. Receive everything as if from Himself. Surrender unconditionally to His good will.

Then be sure. If you endure and suffer the great trial properly, it will become a golden path to riches – both spiritual and temporal. Rejoice because you are in the midst of trouble. It has a special purpose. Do not be afraid. Just believe. Mark 5:36. Your gloomy prison will be a place of miracles of God’s grace. Your dark night of suffering is followed by the dawn of help and salvation. Praise the Lord on the night of your suffering, even when there is no flash of help. Acts 16:25

And you will see that the Lord will fight for you. You can see the miracles of God. You can see the glory of God. You can praise God for His help, which is above all you could ask or think.

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Source: Booklet in Finnish “Syvässä ahdistuksessa,” by L.M. Engström