In Melitopol, the occupants closed one of the largest evangelical churches

Russian occupants are again committing crimes in the territories of the Zaporizhia region occupied by them. During the church service on September 11 in Melitopol, the invaders seized the prayer house of the Grace Church (pastor Mikhail Britsyn). The temple is located opposite the Melitopol B. Khmelnitsky State Pedagogical University, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to

The Sunday service was broadcast live, thanks to which the viewers of the broadcast could see how during worship, the Russian military broke into the hall, went on stage and stopped the service. On the broadcast footage, you can see that at that moment they sang a song in Ukrainian.

Initially, the armed Russian military recorded the passport details of the parishioners. It is also reported that even fingerprints were taken. And according to the usual tradition, the believers were accused of having links with the United States.

Recall that since the beginning of March, when the occupation of Melitopol began, the Evangelical Protestant churches of the city came under special pressure. Regular searches were carried out in churches and pastors’ homes, as well as selective arrests.

In early August, the occupying power of Melitopol took the building of the Melitopol Christian Church (MCC, pastor Viktor Sergeev) and forbade further worship. The temple of this Christian community is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city: a huge square, original design, thoughtful landscape with palm trees and a fountains. Accordingly, now the invaders have turned this territory of the church into a cultural, entertainment and sports complex.

Two weeks after the capture of the MCC, the invaders broke into another great church in Melitopol – the Word of Life church (pastor – Dmitry Bodyu). And everything is similar – they took away the building and forbade worship. Now the occupying police and other security forces have been stationed there. And even earlier, on March 19, the pastor of the Word of Life Church Dmitry Bodyu was kidnapped. True, after a few days he was released and ordered to leave the city.

Thus, now the three largest churches of Melitopol are captured and their services are prohibited. Believers were forced to go underground, they can only gather in private homes for prayer.