Into the New Year with a new look!

The year left, closed the page and Shofar aroused our hearts!
The New Year begins and it depends on us what awaits us this year!
Opening our heart to God and remaining in prayer, we continue to look forward with hope and faith! And most importantly, to always be grateful to God for everything, absolutely for everything! Thanks should be incessant!
In our own words, we change our future, build a good and victorious path!

“Always rejoice. Pray constantly. Thank you for everything: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus. Do not fade away the spirit. Experience everything, hold on good. Hold on all kinds of evil. The God of the world himself will sanctify you in its entirety, and your spirit and soul and body in all integrity will remain without vice in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. ” 1. Thes 5: 16-19, 21-23

I wish you all a sweet, good and joyful year! Shana tova!

By Ella Armand.