Is divorce the unforgivable sin?

No. Of course not. Divorce is a tragic defeat in a marriage. It is the destruction of the union between two people. Divorce is strictly forbidden by God. But people have divorced. Are divorcing now. And divorces will happen in the future. The gospel principle of forgiveness instructs Christians to forgive offenses and sins committed against one another. Forgiving each other is also the most important condition for following Christ for people who were unable to create and maintain a marriage. Yesterday’s spouses, husband and wife, who have forgiven each other, must also receive forgiveness from the church and other people. The Holy Apostle Paul writes the following on this occasion: “But I do not command those who are married, but the Lord: The wife must not leave her husband… And the husband must not leave his wife!” 1 Corinthians 7:10,11. According to this text, divorce is permitted as an exceptional measure to preserve the peace.

Writing this made me sad. Offended people appeared before my eyes. Fatherless. Being an orphan. Fights in a drunken state. Wars. And all this is the fruit of a broken family. Preserve the love.

QUESTION: Are both parties always at fault in a divorce?

This is such a universal attitude that exists in society. This stems from the widely held belief that divorce is a crime. And since divorce is a crime, yesterday’s spouses are criminals. However, it must be recognized that a divorced person is firstly unhappy and secondly guilty. Their family ship was wrecked. If you honestly examine the problems of marital relations, the biblical understanding of the family, the role of husband and wife in marriage, the parents of the husband and wife must take a large part of the blame.

It is no secret that loving parents make great efforts to teach their children literacy. To teach them music. Art. Devote all their strength to help their children get a higher education. They are important elements of life for every person and citizen. But this list of values is missing the most important thing – preparation for marriage. Preparing girls for their greatest mission, how to be a wife and mother. There is also no preparation of boys for the role of husband and father.

Then the church, in the form of the pastor, has to take a huge part of the blame. The problem is the same. Day by day we are warned of the danger of sin and the terrible punishment of sin. But where is the edifying program for young men and women to help them reach adulthood, start a family and build a family life in a right way?

Then, a careful review of the conflict in each case will reveal the share of guilt of each participant, and it is by no means mandatory that both are equally at fault. Sometimes the guilt of one party is so great that the other party has not been able to do anything to save the marriage. Each family is individual and no pattern can be applied to this great mystery – “two become one flesh”. I will add, at the risk of arousing the wrath of the Saints, that often families collapse due to excessive intrusion of external forces into the family. Overprotective parenting can contribute to the destruction of a marriage. The church community can also kill both faith and marriage.

Can divorced people serve?

Obviously, we are talking about serving in the church. Every believer, a born-again person, not only can, but is obligated to serve. Otherwise, he is not a believer. Thus is the church of Jesus Christ organized, of which the apostle Peter says: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people taken for an inheritance, to declare the perfections of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9. This passage defines the members of the holy nation as a royal priesthood. And at the same time it is said that every participant in this holy assembly is bound to serve, namely to proclaim the perfection of him who called him into his wonderful light. This is proclaimed every time a Christian performs acts of goodness, mercy and love in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the church, religious services are conducted, which are related to the fulfillment of special tasks for the organization of the congregation. “However, you are the body of Christ, and each one is a member in his own place. And God has set some in the church first as apostles, secondly as prophets, thirdly as teachers.” 1 Corinthians 12:27-28. The Scriptures teach us to be extremely careful when we ordain people as elders, teachers, prophets, and deacons in the church. The Holy Apostle Paul writes about the qualities of a clerical candidate: “The overseer must then be blameless: monogamous, sober, moderate, well-mannered, hospitable, and able to teach.” 1 Timothy 3:2. Divorce is a serious vice. The family is the most important social institution created by God from the beginning. A person is formed in the family. Father and husband are the protagonists of this process. A man who has not been able to create and maintain his family cannot be a teacher or an elder in the church.

Author: Yurii Sipko / Является ли развод непростительным грехом? , Eвангельские проповеди (

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