Is fascination with astrology a sin?

Is it a sin to be interested in astrology or not?

You know, at the very beginning of my spiritual path, I dealt with this issue. And here everything is really very simple. To the extent that astrology is a science, it is in fact a pseudoscience. Just a pseudoscience.

That is, something that people most often do not understand?

Yes, this is just a set of competent manipulations and falsifications that can seem scientific. As much as it is a spiritual discipline, it can be dangerous. Thus, those who are fascinated or not fascinated by astorlogy, but simply out of curiosity compare various descriptions of the signs of the zodiac or search these astrological charts and so on – at best it will be just a falsification, at worst they make themselves dependent on certain spiritual forces that can really adjust themselves to them. And this is, of course, dangerous.

Thus, if this is just some kind of pseudoscientific construction, then why? Why involve yourself there and why believe a lie? If there is something there – and we are talking about demonic constructions – then all the more, it is not worth it.

But if a person has recently repented, and for many years he has become accustomed to thinking in astrological categories … We, of course, know the correct answer: he needs to pray, read the Word. And this is the correct answer, this is the truth. But how can he overcome this habit? How to stop reading horoscopes and focus on some external signs, symbols? How can he overcome it in God’s way and so that it is as easy and as natural as possible?

Why is it necessary to overcome with something special? You just need to figure it out for yourself and see that this is generally a fake, and under the guise of the influence of planets and stars, people make themselves dependent on some forces, mysterious forces that have nothing to do with God. When a person understands this, he simply seriously repents of his participation in such practices, renounces them, and if he is tempted to repeat it again, he can always ask for help, and those who know how to support a person will help him in such a transitional period.