Israel and the Christian-Messianic Church

(The word Christian means Messianic, after all) Lately, there has been a special draughtiness and the teachings that are moving around in it and the attempt of certain messianic preachers to overemphasize themselves. Also, on the other side, certain Christians who carry weight claim that they are A and O. And they certainly have some power. They argue that we should return to the roots of faith.

Which in itself is not wrong!

They confidently assert that the matter of the roots of the faith is their monopoly, since they are Jews by nationality. A deeper knowledge of traditions gives them a better understanding – a spiritual advantage.That is why you can also feel their superiority.

(most messianic teachers do not teach or preach like this)!

One of the arguments of their teaching is also the decisions of the Council of Nicaea. They claim that the manuscripts from which the various versions of the Bible are forged. The text has been twisted to suit Gentile Christians (the originals are somewhere in the Vatican cellars).

It is possible!

The decisions of the Nicaea Church Council are of course shameful! And the Church based on Holy Scriptures is definitely not the new Israel. And Jews are not trash.

I personally think that no born-again Christian accepted the decision of the Nicaea Church Council. Only fallen and religious figures could do this. Just because they called themselves crusaders doesn’t mean they were.

(Certain higher officials of the Reich and even executioners also celebrated Christmas and went to church during the holidays).

We must not make idols of the Jews (Messianic) and blindly believe them!

Of course, it is good that the Jews teach their traditions and because of this, it is also better for us to understand the ministry of Jesus. But they certainly have something to learn from us as well.

After all, we have one Root of Faith – Christ.

They are beloved brothers in Christ and fellow citizens of Jesus in the flesh.

Body of Christ.

Church – the body of Christ is made up of people of different nationalities who have been born again. The body of Christ has existed since Pentecost and will exist forever! The Body of Christ has never killed a single Jew. The body of Christ loves its enemies! The body of Christ is not killed by oneself!

This should be kept in mind in order to see things correctly.

So what advantage do Messianic Jews have?

There is at least one advantage: they live in the Holy Land.

Should we love Israel? (invest your time and money there)

The answer is a simple yes!!!

Why is it written that salvation comes from the Jews?

God continued to fulfill the promises given to the Patriarchs. The gospel began in the city of David! The First Apostolic Church was located in Jerusalem and was A and O. And so it had to be, but because of the unbelief of the Jews (God’s severity), this advantage disappeared!

Let’s also see what a born-again Jew – a Messianic Jew in modern times – the Apostle Paul thought about this matter.

Romans 10:12 It makes no difference whether it is a Jew or a Greek. All have the same Lord, who is generous to all who call upon Him.

Mt 21:43 Therefore I (Jesus) say to you: the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation that bears its fruit.

Romans 11:11 Therefore I ask: Did they stumble and fall forever? Definitely not! But because they sinned, salvation was given to other nations so that they would become envious.

Should we continue to pray for Israel? Should we bless Israel?

Of course – without a doubt!

Let’s pray that their number  would be fulfilled!

Agape – Ahvaha

Pastor Paul Armand

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