It happened on May 21, 1946 in Los Alamos

A young scientist conducted a necessary experiment in preparation for a nuclear test in Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. He had successfully completed this experiment many times before. On that day, however, just as the mass became critical, the manipulator went out of order. The uranium hemispheres got too close to each other, and the room was instantly filled with a dazzling, bluish light. Young Louis Slotin, instead of hiding and thus saving himself, torn apart the two hemispheres with his bare hands and broke the chain reaction!

At that moment, with his selfless courage, he saved the seven people who were in the room. He realized that he had to die himself, but he did not lose control. Then, waiting for an ambulance on the roadside, he said to Al Graves, who had received the strongest radiation of his colleagues: “You will be probably fine. But I don’t have the slightest chance!” And it was true. After  nine days he died in great agony.

Many centuries ago, the Son of the living God went directly to the ultimate radiation zone of sin, was touched by the curse of sin, and sin took His life. He, who had created the atom, allowed the wicked to nail themselves to the cross. Calvary was born there! By doing so, He broke the chain reaction and broke the power of sin.
Surprisingly, the words of the mocking commanders who looked at His painful death were true: “He saved others,” they said, “but He can’t save himself!” (Mat. 27:42).