“It weakens the soul.” The Pope appeals to priests about the dangers of viewing pornography

“Priests and seminary students should avoid being ‘enchanted’ by Internet pornography, which, along with other online temptations, weakens the soul,” Pope Francis warned seminarians on Monday, October 24th.

Speaking in the audience hall of Paul VI in the Vatican, the pontiff commented and answered a number of incoming questions, including about the scourge of pornography.

The pontiff admitted he was uncomfortable with modern communications technology, noting that many years ago, when he became a bishop, he was given a cell phone only to call his sister one day and then return it.

“This is not my world,” he said of devices such as smartphones, but then admitted that “modern clerics should use them.”
The Pope has warned about things like online porn, telling the crowd that it can be a big temptation even for deeply religious people.
“It weakens the soul. It weakens the soul. The devil enters through this and this weakens the priestly heart,” Francis stressed.

According to The Christian Post.

Source: «Это ослабляет душу». Папа Римский обратился к священникам с призывом об опасности просмотра порнографии – ВО СВЕТЕ (inlight.news)