Jahweh has a plan for you

“…who from the beginning declares the end…” Isaiah 46: 10

You are not a mistake made by your parents in a fit of passion. What your parents may have done in an illicit relationship does not make you “illegitimate.”

You may think, “Yahweh, is it possible that You had a definite reason for bringing me into the world? Am I called to accomplish something good in life? Is there something so unique in my personality, is there something so related to my life experiences, is there something so relevant to my sphere of influence, is something so dependent on my nationality and culture, is something so necessary for my needs and deficiencies that someone other than me can’t do it exactly according to Your wish?”

Yes, Yahweh says that He is the one “…who from the beginning declares the end…My counsel will be established and I will do whatever I want…” (Isaiah 46: 10).

You will eventually succeed because Yahweh has already determined your destiny. Before activities are determined, Yahweh sets goals.

If the builder has any misunderstandings, he looks at the project and consults with the architect. Yahweh is the architect and builder of your life. He will never have any misunderstandings about what He intended or how the construction should proceed. When He builds something, it is built most efficiently and optimally.

We think, “Lord, why are You holding me back when others keep moving forward? Why is it taking me so long to break through?”

Yahweh answers: “What does the project say?”

Yahweh will lay a solid foundation for you to handle the stress that comes with His blessings and to go through the storms of life without being derailed by them.

Everything well done takes time.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Bob & Debby Gass “Word for Today”