Jailed Chinese Pastor Recently Sentenced Writes Letter to Her Son

A chinese house church pastor arrested for “fraud” and recently sentenced to eight years wrote a letter to her eldest son to tell him how she is doing in jail.

Pastor Hao Zhiwei of Egangqiao Church in China’s Hubei province has been in custody since her arrest in July 2019 for collecting offerings and preaching without authorization, both condemned by the authorities.  On Feb. 11, 2022, the Ezhou Echeng District People’s Court sentenced her to eight years, to which she intended to appeal.

Her eldest son Paul wrote her a letter after learning her sentence on the same day. After reading his letter, she was joyful and replied with the following:


Peace to you.

This is the first time mom has received your letter, I am beyond happy.

Seeing you grow in good health; I am deeply grateful. God is faithful, He is watching over and pastoring you [and your brother].

Let’s pray together in one heart and mind for your brother [Moses], we will certainly see a miracle.

Missing your growth is painful to me as well. I hope that you would persist in diary-writing. Once we reunite, you can share it with me. I especially like to read your stories regarding your growth.

For these two years and seven months, I have also grown a lot! I had never played Sudoku before, but during my time here, I have become a master. There is nearly not one that I can’t do! I hope you can practice early so we can have a competition once we reunite.

Do not worry too much about me. My cell mate received her sentence on the 10th: 12 years. Today is the 18th, and she has not been able to sleep. Once I received my first indictment on the 11th, I only had trouble sleeping the first night. I was praying about it and was able to sleep well since then. God’s peace amazingly descended on me.

Wishing you an early happy 19th birthday!

Mom who loves you forever

February 18, 2022

Pastor Hao’s husband passed away in 2018, her two sons Paul and Moses are now left with no parents. While Paul is studying in college, Moses has suffered from depression and was not able to attend school for a while.

Source: Jailed Chinese Pastor Recently Sentenced Writes Letter to Her Son | Persecution