Joyce Meyer: Worship Instead of Worry

Sometimes in life we ​​go through stages during which we are overcome by a feeling of anxiety. In prayers, we ask God about the future, because we want to know the future in detail. But God teaches us total trust when we, as children, can rely on Him. You may not know what awaits you next, but rest assured that God will reveal Himself at the right time. Joyce Meyer, in her short message, shared on the topic: “Worship instead of worry.”

“I remember how one morning I wanted to pray, but instead started thinking about my current problems and worrying about how I could handle it all.

Suddenly I heard a quiet and gentle voice in the spirit that said, “Joyce, will you worship your problem or Me?” God really wanted to help me solve my problems, but He expected me to put them aside and devote time to worship.

“Fear the Lord [honor and worship Him deeply], for all who honor Him and worship Him with reverent fear know nothing of lack.” – Psalm 34:10.

When we worship the Lord, we are relieved of the emotional and mental burdens that weigh us down. In God’s presence, it dissolves without a trace. If we do not look away from God, being in constant worship of Him, we will see that everything that happens to us turns into our good, in accordance with His plan.

The Bible says that all who honor the Lord and worship Him with reverent fear know nothing of a lack. Do you want to be sure that all your needs will be met? Then stop worrying and start worshiping God.

Despite all the difficulties, do not cease to exalt God and give Him glory. Then your faith will be strengthened and you can overcome any obstacle.

Stand that God is great and mighty. All your needs will be met through His kindness and love for you. “