King David’s Strong Character And Unshakable Faith Is An Example For Us

We can use King David’s psalms in every situation of our lives and through them express joy and sorrow, disappointments and hopes.

Since King David himself experienced the pain of each person and expressed his feelings through the verses of his Psalms, we can always find words in the heartfelt verses of Tehillim (Psalms) that correspond to our own experiences.

King David’s strong character and unwavering faith is an example for us because no matter what he went through, he never lost hope.

Even at the lowest points of his life, forsaken and discouraged (verse 6), he was still able to say, “I hope in Your mercy.”

And no matter what emotions he felt, he was still able to declare, “I sing to Hashem because He has done me good.”

For millennia, this has been a source of strength for the Jews: no matter how much pain and suffering they have to endure, they still maintain an unwavering faith in the Lord, in His salvation and hope that the time will come when their tears will turn into laughter and joy.

1950 a group of Sephardi Jews from Iraq and Kurdistan created a common settlement in the heart of the country, which they called Yagel, in this verse the word means “glorify”.

Pastor Paul Armand