Let us be attentive to each other

“Let us be attentive to each other, encouraging one another to love and do good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24

Dear friend, have a nice day and a good end to your work week!
May your faith grow in your actions!

Do not be angry and do not be offended by the people who are nearby, try to turn them to the Lord with your love!

Be attentive to those whom the Almighty sends on your path! This is no coincidence, everything that happens has a purpose and consequences! Become a wise and kind person!

Know that the Almighty will reward a hundred times good for the good that you have done!
But he will also exact for evil from the one who does it!

Do good and do not be discouraged, you will reap goodness and joy if you do not faint! And you will not faint, for on Shabbat you will be renewed in strength!

We wish you to have a peaceful Saturday, Shabbat rest, and spiritual uplift!

Light Shabbat candles and celebrate Shabbat!

Shabbat shalom, beloved!

By Ella Armand.