Life in victory!

“He who is patient is better than a warrior, who controls himself is better than a conqueror of a city.” Proverbs 16:32

An encouraging lesson for all of us! How we do not want to endure and wait, it seems that there is no greater torment in the world than to expect an answer or endure some difficult circumstances!

And from this Scripture we see that indeed, patience is a quality that is greater than bravery and boldness! Patience gives peace in the heart and helps to look at the situation sensibly and correctly and make the right decision!

A self-controlled person turns out to be much more important than the one who conquers a brave city!

How often have we destroyed relationships with people, because we could not restrain our emotions, did not think about those words that flew out of our hearts and mouths with anger! We hurried and were not patient, did not control ourselves!

May we be prudent and attentive to people and to ourselves, let us conquer ourselves for a peaceful and calm life in trust in God, because He sees everything and helps and rewards justly!

Shalom everyone and have a wonderful day!

Everyone that has breath praise the Lord!

By Ella Armand.