Life is stronger than death: how to expect miracles

She tried to get pregnant for fifteen long years, and when that moment finally came, she learned that she had lost her unborn child. The tragic event brought her into depression, but faith through despair and the dream of becoming a mother helped her to survive and support other women!

Olga Potyrailo shared with the LIFE Club the intimate and difficult conclusions she reached during her difficult life. It will help you not despair in the long run. If you need a supernatural miracle, be sure to read this interview to the end!

Olga Potyrailo told LIFE Club about her family happiness:

“We got married at a very young age, I was 19 years old. However, I am still surprised by the decisions made and the agreements concluded at the very beginning, ”says Olga. “For example, we had very simple rules – to exclude secrets from our lives and not to leave home in our hearts.”

“She is very serious, but I am the absolute opposite, more risky,” admits Vlad Potyrailo, Olga’s wife.

“My husband is very emotional. He is a cheerful person, I am more balanced and patient. We had several crises in the family, it was difficult to go through them. The willingness to speak sincerely and the desire to save the family, and to make the family stronger at all costs, helped us to go through everything, ”Olga continues. “Every morning, my husband brings me coffee in bed and says, ‘Bringing coffee once is the least thing you can do for breakfast, lunch and dinner.’

“We are sometimes asked how we can work together, but in fact we are together all the time,” Vlad shares. – “We rest, work, study and serve together. We do everything together! “

“Every day I find reasons to be happy,” says Olga. “And my wonderful family is my greatest asset. What makes me happy is that I have peace in my heart – which means I don’t have anxiety. Of course, different events happen periodically, but when I find peace again and come to terms with myself and God, it gives me a state of happiness that is difficult to convey in words. ”

I think love is the only good enough reason to get married. My husband and I started a family while we were still students.

But there was one dramatic moment – we had no children. I would like to say that we believed in the best of all these years, but in fact there was more disbelief than faith.

It was only after 15 years of marriage that I became pregnant. It was a miracle! Pregnancy was still in its infancy, but we alreadytold everyone and bought clothes for pregnant women. And when I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy, I found out that my baby was dead.

It was the most incomprehensible moment of our whole journey…

I remember we came to the service and there they sang: “I believe, I believe in spite of everything!” I don’t remember exactly those words, but I remember well how my tears flowed. And when we drove home then… I was finally operated…

There was another very difficult moment: my husband and I worked with the teenagers then, and so he said we had to go to their church… And I ask, “What do we say to these children?” They were with us, believed with us… And then Vlad said the amazing words that gave me strength. He said, “They are not looking at what happened, but our reaction.” And that was the beginning of the healing process.

Of course, I started searching Google for reasons for aborted pregnancy and ended up in the forum. When I started reading it, I was just shocked – I saw death in this forum. There were women who survived a stillbirth – and they were terribly depressed.

And then I began to write, saying to them, “Listen! I’m just like you! I just went through it!

We were expecting a baby for 15 years and then it happened, but I know we have hope – hope in the name of Jesus Christ! I believe we will pray with you, we will believe and one day we will go for a walk with the strollers! “

They wouldn’t have believed anyone else – that’s true. But they believed me because I was exactly like them. And then we got five people – those who are from this forum. We walked with strollers, because exactly one year later I became pregnant.

Of course, I was afraid to be so happy this time. I had a very severe toxicosis, the birth was very difficult, but I gave birth to a healthy girl! That was great!

Six years after the daughter was born, we also had a son. And it was an easy pregnancy and an easy birth. Our big healthy boy Maxim was born and I couldn’t even imagine how nice it is, a big blessing!

My husband was very worried, he consulted different people: “How can you love your second child just like the first one? I can’t imagine that! “

To this my mother replied, “Don’t worry! You will have enough love for another child!“ And it was true!

What helped me get out of depression?

My answer is this: when I became a believer in God, really got to know God, and began to live in His love, it became my lifestyle. It’s like pregnancy – you won’t forget it. In the same way, I understand in life that God loves me, which means I can trust Him in every situation.

I think that when you become a mother or a father, God’s love will take on some new colors, because now I realize how valuable a child is to your parent.

We read in the Bible that God gave His Son to be tortured and killed for all – sinners and unworthy people. For us who do things we are ashamed of ourselves. And I don’t think any other proof of God’s love is needed except for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

And I try not to quarrel with people who say, “Well, show me your loving God, who, for example, participates in wars,” and so on.… I say, “I have one proof of His love. This proof is a cross! And it always happens in my life that God turns all my pains, losses, and weaknesses to my advantage.”

I once heard the phrase, “Don’t let your past kill your future!”

My advice: Start to dream! Just dream about what your life is like when you have a child.

Dream, talk about it, pray for it – because God is Almighty, which means He can do everything!