List of medicines that are not available in pharmacies

❤️ Prayer is medicine.
❤️ Humble food is medicine.
❤️ Exercise is medicine.
❤️ Laughter is medicine.
❤️ A positive attitude is a medicine.
❤️ Sleep is medicine.
❤️ Love is a medicine.
❤️ Gratitude is medicine.
❤️ Refusal of resentment, enmity and anger is a medicine.
❤️ Reading and spiritual development is medicine.
❤️ Talking with loved ones is medicine.
❤️ Positive thinking is medicine.
❤️ Walking in nature is medicine.
❤️ Good friends are medicine.
❤️ Forgiving yourself and others is medicine.
❤️ Singing and dancing is medicine.
❤️ Hugs are medicine.
❤️ Talking over a cup of aromatic coffee is a medicine…

* I wish that in your “first aid kit” you have everything!
* Good health to everyone!

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