Parable from Bruno Ferrero

One young man, whom a friend invited to his wedding, was surprised at how many people greeted the newlyweds.

He noticed that the guests and relatives of the young people congratulated each other mechanically, without even listening to what was said.

He stood in a line, and when he was in front of one of the relatives, he said calmly, with a smile: – My wife has died just now.

In response he heard: – Many thanks!

He repeated the same to another relative, and he answered him: – Thanks!

Finally he said the same to the newlyweds.

This time the answer was: – Thanks! Now it’s your turn, friend!

The old biblical expression is now justified among people: “You have eyes but do not see, you have ears but do not hear:” (Jer. 5:21).

We must live the way our nature suggests: the mouth can be shut, but the ears – never!