Long time ago a writer came to London

And she saw, forgive me, a public toilet – a separate building with two entrances. Above each door was an inscription: “Entrance for women is free. For ladies – one penny”, “Entrance for men is free. For gentlemen – one penny.”

While the amazed writer was thinking about the difference between ladies and women, a policeman approached her and delicately asked if he could give her a penny. Maybe she has a problem with change, so he is ready to serve the lady like a true gentleman.

Indeed, they are strange, these “flamboyant ” Englishmen. But there is a deeper meaning to this story: ladies and gentlemen always pay for themselves. Do not run, making room for yourself to grab something for free, even if you can do it. Do not enjoy free of charge things if you are able to pay. And they always thank for the service, even if no one demands gratitude. True ladies and gentlemen are not used to using “free of charge”. Not because they are forced to pay. But because paying for a service or for a thing allows them to maintain self-esteem.

Self respect. Sometimes it costs just a penny. But some do not even pay a small coin. Others consider it their duty to pay for themselves. To thank, to pay, to follow the unspoken rules, even if no one sees and appreciates it. Moreover, they will delicately help those who find themselves in a difficult situation.
Everyone can be a man or a woman. No effort is required. But not everyone can be a lady or a gentleman. Although the difference is sometimes in a small coin that can be given away. And you can save or just forget to pay. But with this penny our self-esteem begins. Self respect and respect for other people…

There is one easy way to boost self-esteem – pay if you can pay. Thank someone if you can. Even if payments and gratitude are not demanded and can wait. Ladies and gentlemen always pay for themselves.

Source: (3) Тот самый психолог – postitused | Facebook