“Looking back, I would not want to change anything …” Rich and Dawn Sherry Wilkerson expecting their third baby after an eight-year struggle with infertility

On Monday, the 36-year-old pastor shared a photo of his family – wife and two sons, sitting in a van surrounded by pink balloons. He captioned the photo: “Adding a car seat to the #girldad minivan.”

DawnSheri, 36, also shared a series of photos of the family surrounded by pink balloons. “Come on, boys, the GIRL is on the way!” – so she signed the photo. “In July 2021 we will become a family of 5 people. Thank you Jesus! “

The Wilkersons previously appeared on the reality show Rich in Faith, which featured stories of their life and ministry. There they also talked about their long struggle to have children. While acknowledging that years of infertility weren’t always easy, Rich Wilkerson emphasized that in hindsight, he would not trade them for anything.

“I learned so much about Jesus during this time,” he said. “And now I’m just grateful that God has decided to grant us this blessing.” For other couples struggling with infertility, Pastor Rich reminded that “waiting season should not be wasted.”

“Many people think, ‘Oh, if I could just get pregnant, I would be happy.’ Unfortunately, this is not true. Whatever season you are in, you can learn, grow and improve, ”he added. – Find out who Jesus is, and in Him you will find complete satisfaction. I also advise those who suffer from infertility to talk to someone about it, ”he continued. – “People struggle with shame and think that they are somehow wrong. Such thoughts and feelings will inevitably destroy you. So it’s important to talk to someone about it. Know that you are not alone. “

DownSheri fully shares her husband’s opinion: “In retrospect, I would not want to change anything,” she said. “Rich and I grew up in our faith and grew up together in this struggle in a way that we could never have done otherwise. We came to a point where we realized that regardless of whether we have a child or not, we choose to live in joy. Our hearts are so grateful to God! We are not in a hurry forward, every step with Him is a wonderful miracle. “

Based on materials from The Christian Post

More: https://www.inlight.news/2020/12/girldad.html

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