“Lord, steal my heart …” Pastor Alexander Shevchenko spoke about the prayer that saved him from despondency

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Pastor Alexander Shevchenko is 47. On his birthday, he told how he 30 years ago kneeled in a park in Sacramento in prayer before God . God heard his prayer and today he is a truly happy person.

“Today I am 47,” Pastor Alexander writes on his Facebook page. -“I am a truly happy person. This is not self-hypnosis and not a happy coincidence. If the Lord had not heard my prayer when i was 17 years old, then by my age today, despondency would have eaten me up with giblets. I know this for sure.

I remember how 30 years ago, in one of the Sacramento parks, I knelt down, and then completely lay down on the ground and said: “Lord, steal my heart! Kidnap my heart without a trace! Otherwise, thousands of lusts and temptations will pull me to pieces and by old age I will have nothing to collect. Of all my desires, I single out one: steal my heart forever. ” God heard my prayer! All these years He has been my Source. I always enjoy spending time in His company. From His presence, I receive all my decisions, sermons, projects and an atmosphere of love.

And also thanks to God, my paths crossed with many wonderful people who became my friends and co-workers in the ministry for many years. Thank God and thank you all dear ones! “

Source and photo: https://inlight.news/2021/07/08/aleksandr-shevchenko-47/