“Love doesn’t have to be easy.” Missouri Pastor Donates Kidney to Church Member

The Reverend Jack Coultas, pastor of Park Grove Christian Church in Deepwater, Missouri, donated a kidney to one of his church members, Jeremy Whitman, who has been battling diabetes-related kidney failure for nearly two years.

Reverend Coultas is 35 years old and has been a counselor and friend of the Whitman family since 2008.
Whitman, 36, has been struggling with diabetes since 2018, but otherwise life was wonderful – he had just received a new job and moved to a new home. It seemed that, on the whole, things were getting better, until the unexpected happened.

Whitman woke up one morning, opened his eyes, but saw nothing.
He was completely blind in both eyes. With difficulty finding his phone, he called his family. Further – emergency hospitalization, where it turned out that his kidneys had completely failed.
The man was put on dialysis to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood. It took a year for Whitman to land on the kidney recipient list.

“My heart sank when I found out about what had happened, because yesterday he looked quite healthy and everything was fine,” said pastor Coultas.

For over a year he prayed for Whitman’s healing, but to the pastor’s surprise, God did not answer his prayer by healing a man. Instead, the Lord invited him to donate a kidney for this person.
A passage from the Holy Scriptures from 1 John 3: 16-18 gave him no rest: “We know love in that He laid down His life for us: and we must lay down our lives for the brothers. And whoever has prosperity in the world, but, seeing his brother in need, closes his heart from him – how does the love of God abide in him? My children! Let us love not in word or tongue, but in deed and truth. ”

“We shouldn’t just pray if we see how we can help,” the pastor said. “The Lord began to literally press this passage from the Bible upon my heart. I realized that if Christ gave His life for me, then I can also give my organ for the salvation of another. ”

In April 2019, Coultas passed a blood test and found out that he was suitable for Whitman as a donor.
“I felt relieved because it was a long process of prayer and decision making,” the minister said.

In January 2020, at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Coultas donated his kidney to Whitman.
After the operation, the pastor developed health problems. In February, he had to treat a hernia. For three months he was unable to do physical work. But after that, the pastor recovered completely.
For Whitman, recovery was easy and he was getting better every day.

“I didn’t let the consequences of hernia surgery prevent me from going forward in love,” Coultas said. – “If I could, I would do it again. Love is not safe. Love does not have to be easy, God has called all of us to show love to others, regardless of whether it is easy or difficult for us. ”

Based on materials from The Christian Post

Source: https://inlight.news/2021/08/10/jack-coultas/