Man with knife and Quran arrested in a church in France

A 48-year-old man with a knife was detained in the basilica of the city of Blois in France.
French police have detained a man armed with a knife in a Catholic basilica in the city of Blois, according to Sobz Orthodox Journalists, citing LE FIGARO.

The incident took place on Tuesday, January 25th. The man drew attention to himself with a suspicious behavior – he constantly entered and left the basilica, as well as clothes uncharacteristic for church visitors – a long oriental robe.

During a search, a knife and a Koran were found with the 48-year-old detainee. Previously, he had already come to the attention of the police for minor offenses.

Blois prosecutor Frédéric Chevalier said the incident was related to the man’s “mental problems” rather than terrorism.

Source: Во французской церкви задержали мужчину с ножом и Кораном — Новости — Церковно-Научный Центр “Православная Энциклопедия” (