May your word always be with grace

“May your word always be with grace, seasoned with salt, so that you know how to respond to everyone.” Colossians 4: 6

Dear friends, this is a wonderful Scripture and it is the key to success.

How wonderful it is to open your mouth for a reason, and not for a quarrel or whining, but in order to thank the Lord for everything!

Sun or rain, drought or harvest, victory or loss – you are grateful and do not complain about your fate!

You are full of thanksgiving, and this thanksgiving makes great changes in the spiritual world, both in you and around you!

You take living Salt – the Word of God and speak it, and with this you spice up your speech.

Your words touch the listeners and yourself! And at this moment the miracle of the Transfiguration occurs, the Almighty sees your situation in life and hears your prayers, and He stands up for you and a miracle and victory occurs!

Dear friend, always proclaim deliverance and victory for yourself!

You can’t talk bad about yourself, the Scripture does not allow! If you discovered sin, then repent and again rejoice in the Lord, and speak well of yourself!


May you prosper on the way!

By Ella Armand.