Megachurch pastor: More than 3 billion people in the world have never heard the gospel and do not have access to it

The pastor of a megachurch in the USA stressed the importance of missionary work, as more than three billion people in the world have never heard the Good News.

Recently during the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Kentucky, megachurch pastor David Platt spoke about the importance of missionary service among communities that have never heard the gospel. The pastor emphasized that there are more than three billion people in the world today who are “not yet achieved,” according to the Christian Megaportal inVictory, citing The Christian Post.

He began his talk by reading several Bible passages, including Matthew 28:18-20, known as the Great Commission, in which Jesus tells His disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

Platt went on to read Romans 15:18-25, in which Paul wrote that it had always been his ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, and that, accordingly, he planned to go to Spain.

Platt called it a major problem that more than three billion people today remain “unreached.” Platt explained that the term “unreached” does not simply mean that people do not believe in Jesus Christ, but that they have never heard the Good News and do not have access to it.

“There are unachieved people in Kentucky, other major cities, and in Yemen today,” Platt explained. “The difference is that there are churches in Kentucky and other big cities. Evangelical churches. There are more Christians in this room now than in all of Yemen. And there are 30 million people in Yemen… which means that if you are one of those 30 million Yemenis who are suffering and starving right now in the midst of a civil war, then most likely you will be born, live your life and die without even meeting a Christian and without hearing the gospel.

According to the minister, churches today are practically ignoring the three billion people who most need the gospel. Platt noted that while American Christians donate billions of dollars to missions, approximately 99% of donations go to places where people already have access to the gospel.

Platt stressed the need for churches to allocate more resources to missions directed at populations that do not have access to the gospel. He stated that the number of unreached people today is higher than ever before and will continue to rise until the church decides to change something.

“If we do not live and die to make disciples of unreached nations, then we are disobeying the Great Commission and disregarding the command of God,” he said.

Pastor David Platt spoke at the biennial T4G conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Last Word” as the organizers stated that this would be the last T4G meeting.

In addition to Platt, Rector and General Director of the Reformed Theological Seminary, Lygon Duncan, spoke at the conference; writer and pastor of DesiringGod theology website John Piper; pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, Texas, Afshin Ziafat; Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, Alistair Begg.

Source: Пастор мегацеркви: Более 3 млрд людей в мире никогда не слышали Евангелия и не имеют к нему доступа | Новости inVictory