Minsk “New Life” supports Ukrainians – they collected and donated food and medicine

Christians from the New Life Church in Minsk, which has been gathering on the street for more than a year, because the authorities took away the church building from them´, support the Ukrainians  – they collected food and medicine and handed them over to people living in the border area, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with a link to the church website.

The believers rented a trailer for a passenger car – it was impossible to fit everything in the car. It was agreed in advance to meet with people from Ukraine. Belarusians went to the agreed point. We met with the Ukrainians in the neutral zone, without crossing the border. There they loaded food and medicine into the cars of those who had come from the other side.

Christians delivered food and medicine to the neighboring country. They were transferred to a psycho-neurological boarding school and to several local villages. Among the products that they managed to purchase are sunflower oil, buckwheat, sugar, pasta, flour. They also passed on milk powder for infants and condensed milk (it can be diluted with water and fed to small children).

The psycho-neurological boarding school, to which medicines and part of the products were transferred, is located on the territory of Ukraine, not far from the border. Brothers and sisters from New Life have provided assistance to this institution in the past. In the near future, Christians are planning to repeat the transfer of donations.

New life announced a collection of food, medicines and other necessary things for Ukraine.

Also, believers continue to support ministers who are in the war zones in Ukraine with their finances. Their accounts are collected at taplink.cc/donateforukraine.

Source: Минская «Новая Жизнь» поддерживает украинцев — собрали и передали продукты и лекарства | Новости inVictory