More than 150 people were killed in a crowd crush in Seoul during Halloween. Church leaders call for prayer

In Seoul, more than 150 people, mostly young people, died in a stampede during the Halloween celebration. Christian leaders in South Korea expressed their shock and grief at the incident. Korean churches are asking Christians to pray for the victims and their loved ones.

According to the latest data, 154 people died as a result of the storm that occurred in Seoul on October 29 during the Halloween celebration. Most of the dead are young, including about 100 women. Another 133 people were injured, most of those hospitalized are young women, reports Christian Megaportal inVictory with reference to

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol declared national mourning in the country. Crush occurred in a small sloping alley. According to the rescuers, the people who had gathered at the Hamilton Hotel completely filled, wall to wall, 3.2 meters wide alley, some fell and new people continued to join the crowd. According to one eyewitness, there were 10 times more people than at Christmas.

Seoul celebrated halloween without coronavirus restrictions for the first time in three years. It is South Korea’s biggest tragedy since 2014, when 304 people, mostly high school students, died in the “Sewol” ferry accident.

Many churches commemorated the victims during Sunday services, notes Christian Today.

Reverend Yong-mo Ryu of the United Christian Church of Korea (UCCK) said: “We extend our deepest condolences to the victims and their families who have lost loved ones in this shocking tragedy. We also pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded. I pray that God’s comfort be with the bereaved families and we extend our deepest condolences to the Korean people.”

Pastor Song Tae Seop, also from UCCK, said it was all the more tragic that many of the victims were in their teens and 20s.

“I can’t believe how such a terrible disaster could happen in the center of Seoul in the 21st century,” Han Kyo-young said.

He called for “comprehensive and systemic” security measures.

Rev. Sun-chang Lee, chairman of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK), said lessons must be learned to prevent a repeat of the tragedy. He called on the government to support the families and asked the churches to pray for the wounded and the dead.

Source: В Сеуле погибло больше 150 человек в давке на Хэллоуин. Лидеры церквей призвали к молитве | Новости inVictory