Moscow’s chief rabbi left Russia because the authorities demanded that he support the war in Ukraine

At a meeting of Jewish communities in the Russian capital, Rabbi Pinhas Goldschmidt was voted to the post of chief rabbi in Moscow. Goldshmidt, who has held this position for the past 30 years, will continue to hold office for the next seven years. His deputy will be Rabbi David Yushuyev and the general director of the community will be Rabbi Yosef Susaykov.

Rabbi Goldshmidt is currently in Israel. He left Moscow two weeks after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, provided assistance to refugees in Eastern Europe for several weeks and then returned to Israel. According to the official version, he takes care of his sick father.

After his re-election, those close to Goldschmidt told the media that the real reason for his departure was the pressure exerted on him by the Russian authorities to support the Ukrainian invasion. After the refusal, he was hinted that it would be better for him to leave the country, the Jerusalem Post said, referring to the rabbi’s daughter, journalist Avital Chizhik-Goldshmidt.

After Goldschmidt left, the Kremlin began to put pressure on the leadership of the Jewish community in an attempt to oust him and appoint a new chief rabbi. However, after the election results, Goldschmidt retained his post.

After the election of Goldshmidt, the Kremlin began to put pressure on the leadership of the Jewish community to replace him and appoint a new head for the Jewish community. However, according to the election results, Goldshmidt maintained his position.

Goldshmidt was involved in the establishment and leadership of the Russian Jewish Congress and is also the president of the Jewish communities in Europe and the chairman of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of the CIS and the Baltic States.

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