Must wives always obey their husbands?

I remember many faithful women in those churches who had bullies for husbands who had forbidden them to come to church.
One little woman in particular: What a time she had!
But if you needed inspiration — if you were trying to preach and the service seemed dead — all you had to do was look at her, and she’d inspire you to preach. Her face was always lit up like a neon sign.
One night my wife said to me, “Honey, did you notice Mary’s feet?”
“No, I didn’t. Was something wrong with them?” “Well,” she said, “she just had on galoshes.” “Galoshes! It hasn’t rained in a month. Why did she wear her galoshes?”
“Joe didn’t want her to come to church. He was angry and hid her shoes.”
He thought that if he hid her shoes she wouldn’t go.
But she put on her galoshes and came ahead. I’m certain that if he’d thrown away her galoshes, she’d have come barefoot.
She was a meek little woman, but I remember her saying to me, “I don’t want to dominate him in any way. He’s my husband and I respect him. He’s the father of my children and I teach them to respect him. But he’s not taking the place he should take. He isn’t interested in the things of God and won’t come to church. It looks like I’m going to have to lead in these things. Am I wrong?”
“No,” I said, “you’re not wrong. You’re right.”
She stood her ground. Afterwards she told me how she’d said, “Joe, I’m not trying to take any authority away from you. But I’m going to keep these children in Sunday School and church. If they followed you they’d be gambling and drinking. And another thing, we ought to pray at the table. We just sit down and start eating like a bunch of hogs. Before we eat, I’m going to pray.” She didn’t ask him if she could — she said, “I’m going to do it.” And the next meal, she did just that. One of the children peeked and told her, “Mama, Daddy just sat there and stared straight ahead like he was mad.” But after a few times, he started bowing his head and closing his eyes along with them.

Then she told me how a little later on she said to him,
“Joe, we ought to read the Bible in this home, and it should be your place. But you’re not doing it, so before we retire every night I’m going to read a chapter and pray with the children. If you’re here, you should have enough respect for me and the children to sit down and listen.”
She said that sometimes he would listen. But at first, when she and the children got on their knees to pray, he’d just sit there. After a while, though, he would get off his chair and kneel, too.
Thank God she made her stand! As far as I know, every one of her children was a Christian. And someone told me later that old Joe got saved when he was nearly 60.

You never will make it compromising with the devil in any way! We need some balance in these things. A husband cannot countermand any of the Lord’s commandments. He is not the lord over his wife’s conscience; the Lord Jesus Christ is.
A wife must be true to her convictions even at the cost of losing her husband if he will not endure her true devo-tion to Christ.
15 But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

By Kenneth E. Hagin

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